The Dux Scholarship is designed to recognise ATT’s highest performing first year apprentice doing a P&D or a P,G&D apprenticeship.

Now the Government has stepped in with the ‘Fees Free’ programme, we’ve changed up the the Dux Scholarship and reckon apprentices would like a pay rise, so we’re giving one away!

For the recipient of the Dux Scholarship, Dux will fund a $50 in the hand weekly pay rise for the duration of your apprenticeship – that’s over $7,000 extra cash in your back pocket by the time you finish your apprenticeship!

Additionally, to recognise the contribution that quality employers make to developing successful apprentices, the recipient’s host business will receive $7,500 worth of Dux products throughout the term of the scholarship.

To provide ongoing support to ATT’s new apprentices, the Dux Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis. The selection process involves a set of strict criteria, which focuses on host business feedback, work attendance, ATT Area Manager feedback and face-to-face interviews. The scholarship is awarded to the best overall performing apprentice, including academic, practical and personality considerations.

To be eligible for the Dux Scholarship, the apprentice must have completed, or be completing the first year of their ATT apprenticeship. To begin the process, eligible apprentices must be nominated by their host business – click here for FAQs and the entry form.