Dux Scholarship

The Dux Scholarship

The Dux Scholarship is designed to recognise ATT’s highest performing first year apprentice within the plumbing, P&G or P&D classifications.
For the recipient of each Dux Scholarship, Dux will fund the ATT training fees for the remaining three years of their apprenticeship. Additionally, to recognise the contribution that quality employers make to developing successful apprentices, the recipient’s host business will receive $7,500 worth of Dux products throughout the term of the scholarship.

Secura Gold

What’s the Real Cost?

Recent independent testing compared the installation time of Dux SecuraGold™ versus a number of trade hot & cold piping systems. In residential applications, labour may make up a larger percentage of business costs than materials, so installation time is an important factor to consider to enable you to improve efficiencies. Watch the three videos below to see which piping system is the fastest to install.