This Free calculator is ideal for calculating which size DUX Grease Converter to include in your commercial kitchen, cafe, bakery or restaurant.

You will get an email with information on the optimal Grease Converter size for your specific commercial kitchen wastewater drainage loading.

Proven to eliminate 99% of fats, oils and grease this is ideal for people wanting the complete solution and not just sending the problem elsewhere.

Cost effective AND environmentally friendly.

No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied and no liability will be accepted by Dux Industries Limited for any costs arising directly or indirectly as a result or consequences of the use of this calculator.

GC Sizing Calculator


approx. size (mm) 270 x 330 x 155
approx. size (mm) 380 x 420 x 200
approx. size (mm) 380 x 420 x 200 x 2
approx. size (mm) 380 x 455 x 255
approx. size (mm) 380 x 455 x 300 x 2
approx. size (mm) 760 x 455 x 255

Restaurant Seats:


Grease Converter Calculator Disclaimer:

This calculation is a guide only and local authorities may have different requirements for the sizing of Grease Converters and these should be adhered to. Factors such as the food type being prepared and the cleaning procedures within the kitchen will have an impact on the sizing so if you are in doubt contact your local Dux representative for more information.

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Recommendations are made from our range of Dux Grease Converters only – for other options, please refer to the Dux Grease Converter brochure.