Dux Reducer Coupling D151-44

Dux Reducer Coupling D151-44

Product Code: D151-44

The reliable, flexible, quick and simple pipe joining solution

Used in non-pressure above and below ground applications such as drains or sewer pipe systems


A111mm, Range 105-117mm
B121mm, Range 115-127mm

Application: Fibre Cement or Ductile Iron to PVC, Galvanised Iron or Cast Iron
All measurements are coupling ID (Pipe OD) and in millimetres

Loosen clamps, slide coupling over pipe, tighten with a flat blade screwdriver or spanner. No special tools, glue, welding or other materials required. Test joint for soundness before backfilling or concealing. Installation must be in strict accordance with the product installation instructions. A torque of 5.6Nm is recommended. The installer is responsible for the workmanship of the installation.


  • Elastomeric polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is UV stabilized and air, water and smoke tested
  • The PVC (flexes +/-5%) with earth movement maintaining its seal
  • Resistant to ozone, fungus growth and normal sewer gases
  • Proven to withstand temperatures up to 38°C continuous and 60°C intermittent - the lowest temperature being -40°C (melt temperature is 170°C)
  • Couplings are complete with Grade 316 stainless steel clamps that are corrosion and rust resistant. The bands are slotted for greater flexibility and sealing efficiency

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