Dux Actamatic Grease Converter – 390L Treating Capacity

Dux Actamatic Grease Converter – 390L Treating Capacity

Product Code: GC5060

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand from 316 stainless steel, this unit captures and breaks down fat, oil and grease (FOG) for a commercial kitchen catering for approximately 56 restaurant seats


  • Generally this has a smaller footprint than a Grease Trap and will fit under most benches
  • This unit is part of a complete system to permanently convert FOG so it can proceed safely to the sewer
  • Use our FREE online Grease Converter calculator to check you have the correct size for your needs

A - 775mm
B - 480mm
C - 110mm
D - 460mm
E - 570mm
F - 880mm
In/Outlet 2" BSP
Functional Liquid Capacity (litres) - 157
Treating Capacity (litres) - 390
Restaurant Seats - 0 - 56

Converters do not need to be emptied as much as traps but they do require a standard maintenance schedule dependent on the loading of each converter. Dux recommend that for the most efficient operation, a service agreement be arranged with Ecoworld, the Dux appointed service agent.

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