32mm/40mm Telescopic Reducer Trap

32mm/40mm Telescopic Reducer Trap

Product Code: PS32/40TR

Dux FlexiTrap™ 40mm/32mm P&S Telescopic Trap

A spacesaver trap that attaches directly to the 32mm waste pipe of a basin in a residential and commercial kitchen, bathroom and laundry

  • FlexiJoint™ ball-and-socket design allows for 5° range of motion
  • Inlet - 32mm BSP nut
  • Outlet - 40mm compression nut
  • P&S installation options
  • Inlet can be cut to correct length

FlexiTrap™ provides an easy and quick solution when working with misaligned pipes. Its unique FlexiJoint™ ball-and-socket design allows for a 5° range of motion and reduces the need for extra pipes and fittings to correct the misalignment. FlexiTrap™ offers New Zealand plumbers our fastest and most flexible installation solution ever.

Other product enhancements include a reduction in the size of all nuts, resulting in an easier, better grip; improved internal threads for quicker application and an increased internal passage for an efficient water flow throughout the trap.

Save time with the compression nut outlet. This allows you to simply loosen the nut on the trap, fit it over the pipe and tighten the nut. No need to remove the nut. The Dux double taper seal provides superior holding power over conventional single taper seals ensuring a secure, watertight fit. No wrench or adhesive required.



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