• Dux PB-1 pipe is extruded from Polybutylene (PB) which makes it flexible, very durable and temperature resistant. Dux PB-1 pipe will withstand all temperatures found in a normal hot and cold water reticulation system. It is capable of handling variations from -50°C up to 99°C
  • Dux SecuraGold PB-1 pipe ‘Lay straight’ coils give you one complete length of straight pipe with no joiners. During curing our pipe is laid flat and retains memory of being straight. After being pulled from the coil it will still act like a straight length of pipe.
    Available in 25m coils – longer runs of pipe vs 5m straights mean less joins and less pressure loss
  • Polybutylene (PB) Pipe is a lot simpler to install as the flexible coils of pipe can be fed through wall cavities and often require less joints
    Chemically inert, the pipe will not “lime-up”, rust, corrode or impart any taste odour or colour into water
  • Dux PB-1 pipe is made in NZ
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