Why Choose SecuraGold® 12mm?

With consumers growing awareness for water and energy conservation, the SecuraGold® 12mm range can assist in saving our valuable resources from wastage.

It is a very economical installation option for the professional plumber.

  • Greater flexibility, making it easier to handle and thread through framing, trusses and tight spaces
  • Less effort is required to crimp 12mm SecuraGold® joints
  • Single framing hole for hot and cold droppers
  • Less water and energy wastage by reducing excessive water draw off and with less hot water left sitting in pipes after taps are closed less energy is wasted
  • Faster installation using SecuraGold® manifolds
  • SecuraGold® 12mm with its nominal 10mm internal bore enables plumbers to comply with the efficiency requirements of NZS 4305:1996
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Blank Plug – 12mm

Product Code: SBP2

SecuraGold® Brass Blank Plug
Blanks off 12mm PB-1 pipe

Coupling – 12mm

Product Code: SC2

SecuraGold® Straight Coupling
Connects 2 lengths of 12mm PB-1 pipe

Tee – 12mm

Product Code: ST2

SecuraGold® 12mm Tee
Connects 3 lengths of 12mm PB-1 pipe