New Zealand winters are prone to heavy rain and torrential downpours, which can leave lawns waterlogged and driveways flooded.

Blocked and damaged drains are a common cause of waterlogged lawns and flooded driveways. The damage caused can lead to serious issues such as damaged foundations and a damp and mouldy home. Where waterlogging (without rain) or driveway flooding occurs on a regular basis it could be due to a blocked drain, broken pipe or incorrect pipe/drainage system installation.

In some cases, overflowing gutters and downpipes can contribute to the problem and be easily remedied by inspecting the gutters and downpipes, checking for any cracks, holes signs of warping, rusting, corrosion, twisting or any form of damage to the structure of a gutter or downpipe.

One of the biggest problems with many lawns is that they are rich in clay, which doesn’t allow for proper drainage. Some homeowners will either let the water sit until it evaporates or have a new turf installed. Installing a new drainage system reduces surface water levels which minimises the risk of flooding, reduces runoff which can pollute local streams and the ocean, and can be harnessed for garden water during dryer months.

Improving surface and ground water drainage starts with understanding the systems and solutions available. At Dux, we have many drainage solutions to suit the varying needs of differing properties. For further information or guidance feel free to contact us or speak to your local Territory Manager.

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