As previously advised, we have now closed all Aliaxis New Zealand operations to comply with the Level 4 directive that came into effect at 11.59pm Wednesday 25 March 2020.

All sites will stay closed whilst the Alert Level 4 remains in place.

From the beginning of the Covid-19 situation we have taken a “people-first” approach which has led us to make some tough decisions that may affect our businesses financially but ultimately will better protect our people and enable us to play our part in restricting the spread of Covid-19 in NZ. We make no apologies for this as it’s a central tenant of our core values as a business.

However, we do understand that we may also have a role to play in providing products and systems to those tasked with keeping our essential services operational. In the past couple of days we have been working hard to better understand the definition of “essential services” and how it applies to Aliaxis NZ, our businesses and our customers.

Following consultation within the business, with MBIE and with our customers we have decided to implement an Emergency Supply process for the duration of the Alert Level 4 period. This will only be approved in exceptional circumstances and will require Aliaxis New Zealand Managing Director approval in all cases.



Emergency Supply of Products for Essential Services


Step 1

Submit your enquiry with our Contact Centre by phone or email. Please ensure that before making an enquiry you have:

  • Already ascertained your customer’s request meets the “Essential Services” definitions as outlined by MBIE. For further clarification ring the Covid-19 Essential Services helpline on 0508 377 388 or email
  • Checked your network first to see if other branches/stores have available stock
  • Spoken with other local merchants to see if you can arrange supply of the product via them.


Step 2

Our Contact Centre will check who we last supplied those products to in your region so that the product may be sourced from that customer if possible.


Step 3

If still no solution has been found, then the enquiry will be forwarded to the relevant Sales Manager who will compile a request for submission to Aliaxis MD for approval. The Sales Manager will contact you directly to gain further clarification on whether products meet the “essential services” requirements and may require formal documentation to support this for certain categories.

NB. There are two levels of approval:

  • Level 1 – if we have the product in stock and so only requires to be picked and despatched.
  • Level 2 – higher threshold if it’s a made to order product or we have no stock available at any of our sites. This would mean that we would need to mobilise manufacturing capability, meet MOQs and involve a larger group of our people.


Step 4

The Aliaxis New Zealand Managing Director will review the submission and make a decision to supply/manufacture or not. This decision will then be communicated back to you by the relevant Sales Manager.


Step 5

If the request is approved then the Sales Manager will liaise with you and Contact Centre regards any further specific details required e.g. pricing, delivery, leadtimes etc.


Other key points to note:
  1. Our Contact Centres are still taking calls and order placements for delivery after the lockdown period
  2. Your local Territory Managers and Sales Managers will remain available until further notice to answer your queries


We understand this is a stressful time for all involved and we will do everything we can to support you through this period.

Stay safe out there,

Mike MacDonald
Managing Director
Aliaxis New Zealand