SecuraGold™ Plumbing Fittings & Polybutene-1 Pipe



Dux distributes the most extensive Hot and Cold Polybutene-1 piping system in New Zealand and Australia with 4 size diameters (12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm) and over 90 DR brass fittings to choose from.
Used widely in residential, commercial and industrial applications, SecuraGold™ is the choice among plumbing professionals and specifiers. The simple design and proven use of high performance materials delivers long term results that can be relied on. Combine this with fast installation, no fuss jointing, greater flexibility, adaptability and lower installation costs, SecuraGold™ is unbeatable.



SecuraGold™ fittings and Polybutene-1 pipes meet all material and performance requirements of
AS/NZS 2642 Parts 1, 2 & 3 and are produced under current Watermark Licence No.1289 CL16. The DR (Dezincification resistance) Brass is tested independently to AS 2345-2006.
The SecuraGold™ system also holds approval from Germanischer Lloyd for installation in boat building and marine applications.
The SecuraGold™ system must be installed to the requirements of AS/NZ 3500 1.2:1998 and when installed correctly can be expected to meet the requirements of the NZ Building Code.

PB-1 Pipe

Characteristics make PB-1 the preferred choice of trade professionals:

  • Temperature – PB -1 will withstand all temperatures found a normal hot and cold reticulation system. It is capable of handling variations from -50°C up to 99°C
  • Mechanical – PB -1 is a strong robust material, it’s strength is not significantly affected by temperatures and pressures normally found in hot and cold water reticulation systems. It exhibits the highest creep resistance of any of the Polyolefin’s and as a result retains its strength even under long term stress and is highly resistant to stress cracking.
  • Bending – PB -1 can be repeatedly flexed with no harm; the recommended minimum bending radius of eight times the pipe diameter reduces the need for elbows minimizing frictional loss.
  • Pressure – PB -1 has the highest pressure rating of any flexible thermoplastic and is capable of withstanding up to 6.90Mpa.
  • Chemical Resistance – PB -1 is resistant to soaps, detergents and most acids and alkali’s below 96°C and many solvents at room temperatures.
  • Thermal – PB -1 has a high thermal insulation value therefore water will not cool as quickly and will result in hot water being delivered more quickly
  • VOC Rating – PB -1 has been tested for the release of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is in compliance with EN852-1, ISO 4120 and ISO 5495
  • Electrical – PB -1 has good di-electric properties over a wide range of ambient conditions. WARNING – because of its good insulation qualities PB -1 cannot be used for electrical Earthing!
  • Anti-Fouling – Because of its relatively high thermal insulation value, exceptionally smooth bore and high abrasion resistance, build up of pipe scale or mineral deposits do not occur.
  • Compatibility – PB -1 is chemically inert so it can be connected safely to any other type of pipe system without danger of corrosive action
  • Water Hammer and Surge – PB -1 easily withstands the effects of water hammer because of its high elastic modulus. It dampens rather than propagates pressure waves and the associated pipe noise
  • Freezing – Ice formation causes no damage due to the pipes flexibility. The pipe will return to its original state upon thawing. However a small section of PB -1 in an otherwise rigid system will not protect the pipe system
  • Fire Resistance – PB -1 is not highly flammable but it will burn. By-products are not toxic or harmful if inhaled
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Brass Fittings:

• Re-circulating systems
• High temperature pipelines
• High pressure pipelines
• Radiant heating systems
• Open and closed loop systems
• HVAC piping
• Secondary refrigeration pipelines
• Chilled water and ice slurry lines
• Compressed air lines
• Medical gas lines
• Chemical transfer piping
• Home fire reticulation systems
• Marine piping systems
• Mobile home piping


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